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Fermented preserved red cabbage homemade

Fermented preserved red cabbage homemade recipe, very easy to do. Great as side or starter, on crispy grilled bread

Wild chicory savory italian recipe

Wild chicory savory italian recipe, unusual healthy vegetable rich in nutrients and rich in taste. Traditional side or rich main course

Hot chocolate easy and conforting

Creamy hot chocolate, easy and conforting recipe. Thick and sweet, step by step recipe.

Caesar salad chicken croutons

Yummy Cesar salad with roasted chicken, crispy bread croutons and tasty dressing. High protein, low fat, great for happy lunch.

Mashed potatoes purée

Mashed potatoes purée step by step how to recipe. Tasty side, confort food, kids protein source. Try to do homemade pure mash potatoes

Italian vegetables homemade soup

Tasty “italian style” homemade healthy vegetables soup recipe. Step by step instructions, easy to do and rich flavors

Red pesto sauce

Traditional italian red pesto sauce, tasty and unusual. Rich in protein and vitamins, great flavors all combined in a bite

Easy waffle breakfast recipe

Easy waffle breakfast recipe, for kids or adults 😉 Step by step recipe, base foe many dessert, breakfast and after dinner spread

Hummus homemade easy dip spread

Hummus homemade easy dip spread, vegan and tasty, rich in protein and vitamins. Easy recipe as a dip or a spread for tasty dishes

Homemade healthy stock cube recipe

Homemade healthy stock cube recipe, vegan or not, instant flavor addition. How to make all your recipes tasty and savory.

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