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Rhum and chocolate marble donut cake

Donut marble cake with intresting unusual flavours Rhum and Chocolate.
Light recipe, without guilt and rich taste.
Rhum add great depth, but please use a good Rhum.
Excellent as tea side or as relaxing after dinner.

Pastiera traditional Naples italian ricotta cake

Traditional Pastiera Napoletanaricotta cake, easy step by step recipe. Light version of a heavy classic, yet delicious italian dessert

Spinach and taleggio cheese italian risotto

Rich spinach and taleggio cheese italian risotto recipe, easy way to combine main course and daily intake of greenery. Creamy, great flavours

Warm potatoes red radicchio salad

Ever try a warm salad? Boiled potatoes and red radicchio salad is very tempting. softness and sweetness contrasting crunchiness and bitterness

Peanut butter and chocolate cookies

Chewy and crisp, indulgent and conforting peanut butter and chocolate cookies. Easy recipe step by step for an high protein treat

Triple chocolate naughty cookies

Triple chocolate cookies recipe means triple luxury and triple indulgency. Easy recipe great taste and fondant crisp experience

Chocolate american cookies easy instructions

Nice and easy recipe for crispy chocolate american cookies. Fiew ingredients super tasty for snack, breackfast or afterdinner indulgency

Creamy porcini mushrooms and shrimps tagliolini pasta

Creamy porcini mushrooms and shrimps tagliolini pasta recipe. Tasty refined flavours for a great pasta dinner, goes well with great glass of wine

Turkey and potatoes stew

Turkey and potatoes stew, easy and light recipe. Conforting food dinner, tasty and nutritious, great for kids too.

Homemade rosemary tea

Make an healthy homemade rosemary tea recipe, full of vitamins and valuable nutrients, great taste and benefits

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