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Shiso, Egoma, perilla frutescens, all the benefits of the plant

Japanese shiso the beneficial properties.

Shiso what it is

Shiso, Egoma or perilla, is a very fragrant plant native to Japan and has always been used for the numerous beneficial substances it contains.

It is an annual plant, it belongs to the Laminaceae family, like mint.

It is very easy to cultivate, even in pots on windowsills and balconies, starting from seeds.

It can be found in different varieties, there is green, red and bi-color (green leaves above and purple below).

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Properties of shiso

The perilla plant contains many beneficial substances, in the leaves, in the stem, and in the seeds.

As early as 5000 BC the Japanese believed that the consumption of this plant extended the life of 10 years.

Rich in minerals: iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium as well as vitamins A, C and B2.

This plant is used against: cough, cold, fever and skin problems.

It has sweat, antifungal, antihistamine and stimulating properties for digestion and diuresis.

It also purifies the intestine and if taken as an herbal tea it helps regenerate it in case of food poisoning.

Oriental medicine uses this plant to relieve migraines, abdominal pains and to counteract nausea.

It is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and expectorant.

The red variety is also rich in precious antioxidant substances useful for preventing cell aging such as the antioxidant shisonin.

It also has great antiviral capabilities.

Thanks to the highs levels of linoleic acid, regulates the level of cholesterol in the blood.

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Using shiso in cooking

All varieties, if used in the cooking water of pasta or rice, in addition to flavor, will give a nice bright color to foods.

The leaves of the red variety are used to give umeboshi its typical red color.

From the boiling water of the red variety, an excellent refreshing drink is obtained, rich in antioxidants and mineral salts.

The leaves and flowers can be added both raw and cooked to salads and meat and vegetable dishes, given their excellent flavor.

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